Yeoh Gaik Khim

ERYT-200.,RYT500.,RYT200 (YogaAlliance USA)

Khim she is a Senior Primary Yoga Faculty (YogaClub) Chinese Version of Prabhu Yoga –International ( at Yoga Club Singapore. Presently She handles YogaClub KualaLumpur Where She Conducts Pregnancy Yoga,Yoga Therapy for Various Ailments Such as Back Pain,Cancer,Knee Pain,Sinus and more Under the Guidance of His Master Prof Sathishji.

Gaik Khim is Prabhu Yoga,Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher 500hour & 200 hour level from Malaysia. She completed her both RYT500 & RYT200 from Prabhu YogaTM International @ Yoga ClubTM-Malaysia an ISO-9001: 2008 Certified Yoga School Recognised by Yoga Alliance USA. Her yoga practices push her towards the spiritual upliftment of the Yoga Sutras, and technical stability in various postures

Yeoh Gaik Khim

Basic Details

Designation: Senior Yoga Teacher
Languages : English,Chinese
Gender : female


ERYT-200 – Prabhu Yoga International,YogaAlliance USA

RYT-500 – Prabhu Yoga International,YogaAlliance USA

RYT-200 – Prabhu Yoga International,YogaAlliance USA

Her intuitions gave her a point of focus towards the success of featured PrabhuYogaTM training under Master Yogacharya Sathishji. She believes what she is learning that is the mantra throughout her trainings under Prabhuji. She trained under him with fulltime dedication one to one basis with sincerity and as a dedicated disciple

Currently she is working for her intense Pranayama practices &, various other advanced yogic inner tools along with Sathishji.

Being a Senior Teacher, She had travelled along with Masters to Various Countries around World UK, Europe, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Bali.She also practices various types of Prabhu Partner Yoga, Shat Karma Kriyas, Prabhu Flexibility Yoga and various other featured Yoga Therapy Courses.

She also organizes various International Yoga retreat programs, workshops, and seminar along with her friends.